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BTC Perpetuals

OnlyX is your gateway to transcending the ordinary in cryptocurrency trading. Embark on a journey to the forefront of the financial revolution with our BTC Perpetuals platform, meticulously engineered to elevate your trading journey to heights unimagined.

Why OnlyX? Here’s What Sets Us Apart:

Supercharge Your Trades with Unmatched Leverage:

Experience the thrill of trading with leverage exceeding 50x, empowering you to magnify your trading outcomes like never before.

Elegance in Simplicity for All:

Trading brilliance shouldn’t be complicated. Our ethos of simplicity ensures a user-friendly interface, making sophisticated trading accessible to all, from the novice enthusiast to the seasoned professional.

Unlimited Trading Potential:

Why limit yourself to stablecoins? OnlyX opens the door to trading with any digital token, offering unparalleled versatility and freedom in your trading strategy.

Leverage the Power of DeFi Loans:

Enhance your trading capacity through integrated DeFi loans. Fund your ventures effortlessly and gain a competitive edge.

Unrivaled Liquidity Through Integrated DEX:

Dive into fluid trading with our seamlessly integrated Decentralized Exchange. Benefit from narrow spreads and exceptional order execution, ensuring optimal trading conditions.

Master Risk with Precision:

Trade with the assurance that our platform intelligently aligns your risk profile with market dynamics. Our novel risk categorization system tailors your experience for the ideal balance of risk and reward.

Market Harmony with Our Innovative Funding Index:

Our distinctive Funding Index guarantees alignment between perpetual contracts and the underlying BTC market, ensuring equitable conditions for all traders, regardless of your position.

Informed Trading with Real-Time Insights:

Stay ahead with instant access to market data and analytical insights. Make decisions powered by comprehensive information from across perpetual markets.

Step Into a World Where Stability and Flexibility Converge

OnlyX. Don’t just participate in the cryptocurrency revolution – lead it. Secure your early access and be among the first to experience the transformative power of OnlyX BTC Perpetuals. Join us now and redefine your trading potential.

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